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Average Charge/Direct Pricing

A 10% discount applies to self-pay and balances after insurance if paid within 30 days of statement date.
Separate invoices will be received from your radiologist, CRNA, pathologist, ER and other professional services.
The CVRMC Financial Assistance Policy is available on this web site (left menu bar, Financial Assistance Policy) or by contacting the Patient Financial Services representative for assistance at (928) 402-1130.
If you have any questions regarding the direct pay pricing, please call (928) 402-1133.
DISCLOSURE: Every patient care encounter prices are different and unique depending on the complexity and contributing comorbidities of the patient.

CVRMC CPT Direct Pricing

CVRMC DRG Direct Pricing

Cobre Valley Surgical Services Direct Pricing

OB Surgical Services Direct Pricing

Kearny Clinic Direct Pricing

Pleasant Valley Community Clinic Direct Pricing

Superior Clinic Direct Pricing

Standard Hospital Fee Schedule