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Cath Lab

When it comes to health care, time is always a major concern. The sooner patients can receive needed medical care, the better their chances for survival and full recovery are. The Cath Lab at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center specializes in coronary angiography, coronary arteriography and coronary angiogram.

Cath Lab services allow our communities to have the same high-quality cardiac services previously only available by leaving town. CVRMC is committed to each of our patients because they are our family, friends and neighbors.

In addition to providing emergency care for cardiac patients, the Cath Lab also offers services such as identifying narrowed or clogged arteries of the heart, measuring blood pressure within the heart, evaluating how well the heart valves and chambers are working, checking heart defects, evaluating enlarged hearts, and deciding on an appropriate treatment CVRMC knows patients are anxious when they have a heart condition. We make them as comfortable as we can by providing education prior to the procedure, answering any questions they or their family has regarding the procedure and aftercare.

The Cath Lab staff appreciates the opportunity to serve the residents of the Copper Valley, and the chance to save lives in the process.

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