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CVRMC Tonto Basin Clinic

CV Pharmacy and CV Tonto Basin Clinic have come together to offer Pharmacy Mail Services!

You can have your prescription mailed directly to your home or post office box!
Patients of CV Tonto Basin Clinic can use the Cobre Valley Pharmacy - providing continuity of care. With the added benefit of keeping your health services all under one umbrella.
Even if you do not see a PA or Physician at the CV Tonto Basin Clinic, we can accommodate you with pharmacy mail service.
Just bring your prescription into the CV Tonto Basin Clinic.
If you currently pick-up your prescription from a different pharmacy, just follow the directions below to switch over to the Cobre Valley Pharmacy for mail service:

1. Call the Cobre Valley Pharmacy and request a transfer of your prescription: 928-402-1192, press 0 to speak to someone at the pharmacy
2. Some basic information will be obtained
3. Cobre Valley Pharmacy will contact your current pharmacy to have your prescriptions transferred
4. Once established with Cobre Valley Pharmacy, any refills can be made by calling 928-402-1192

CVRMC realizes the challenges of driving to pick-up prescriptions and would like to make healthcare more manageable for you.

We are always happy to help!

Office Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
186 E. Stephens Way
Tonto Basin, AZ 85553
Phone: (928) 479-2871

Providing general care to patients of all ages. Services include: Medical Histories, Physical Examinations, Health Status Assessments, Chemical Examination of Urine Blood Sugar Determination Examination of Stool Specimen for Occult Blood, Pregnancy Test , Primary Culturing for Transmittal to Reference Lab, Basic Emergency Medical Care as First Response, Gynecological Care, Preventative and Industrial Medicine, Simple Surgical Procedures, Fractures, Treatment of Acute and Chronic Illness/Disease of all ages, and more.

Dr. Douglas Campbell is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has over 27 years of experience. His goal is to work within a team environment to provide the full spectrum of care for all ages and all conditions. He would like to assist patients in taking an active role to manage their health proactively.

"I listen to patients and counsel with them how to approach their issues instead of simply writing a prescription and sending them on their way."

Before CVRMC he was a founding member of an association of providers in Prescott called "Oaklawn Family Practice." He quickly became a Senior Associate and continued to run his own private practice for 19 years. He has published research articles throughout his profession and has worked in several different communities. He continues to be dedicated to his patients and to community health.

"I would like to prevent diseases where possible and catch it early when not preventable."

Dr. Campbell is interested in woodworking - making Pysanki (Ukrainian Easter eggs), writing, singing, music, gardening, mountain biking, hiking, fly-fishing, and reading. He also recently learned how to graft fruit trees and has been enjoying that for the past few years.

Dr. Campbell is multi-lingual and can speak Serbo-Croatian, German, Russian, and a little of Spanish and Bulgarian.