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CVRMC Red Rock Clinic

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday, 8:00AM - 5:00PM
5990 S. Hospital Dr, Suite 1
Globe, AZ 85501
Phone: (928) 425-8151

Dr. Joseph Ring and Dr. Bradley Werrell have been caring for patients since 2006 at the Red Rock Healthcare facility up on a hill just west of the hospital. They each have brought unique perspectives to the medical profession and the Globe-Miami area is fortunate to have physicians that not only are versed in medicine but a wide variety of topics as well, ranging from auto repair to political philosophy.

Joseph Ring, M.D.

Dr. Ring's journey to medicine has been a taste of many flavors which included certificates and degrees in Computer Aided Design and Machining, Medical Laboratory Technology, and he worked on degrees in Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics, as well as a master's degree in Biomedical Ethics. He, by chance, landed on the road to medicine when he needed an elective class to complete his schedule and decided on Anatomy and Physiology. "I signed up even though I was not really interested in the subject and after seeing the complexity of the human body, I was absolutely fascinated and continued to take more courses which led to a degree in Biology. The range of education in my past is almost absurd, but it somehow led me to medical school after graduating from Case Western Reserve University. Becoming a doctor was just a natural extension of my fascination with human physiology."

Bradley Werrell

Since the age of 12, Dr. Werrell's sights were set on the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Suffering severe back pain while running indoor track, Dr. Werrell's educational path took a turn away from the Air Force Academy towards Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota where he majored in Geology, with studies in Science Technology and Public Policy. "I also had an interest in massage therapy since high school, and carried that interest through college and beyond. I wound up studying massage therapy and became very interested in the complexity of interactions between the mind and the body with a specific interest in the relationship between muscular tension and emotion, and it still is today. I hope that my function as a physician is to help people feel good and to feel well."

Dr. Werrell graduated from medical school in 2001, did a year of internship in Chicago, and began practicing as a general practitioner in 2002, he then returned to finish a residency in 2004. This is where "Ring and Werrell" met and began their friendship and partnership in the medical profession. "I am grateful to have an opportunity to help influence people's lives in a positive way. I appreciate the faith that people place in their physician and am humbled by that as well."

Drs. Ring and Werrell joined CVRMC in May of 2019.